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The SISS BABYCONTROL® monitors respiration of babies and infants and can thus provide reliable assistance against “cot death”.

High reliability, simple operation and convenient size make the SISS BABYCONTROL® an universally applicable instrument for baby monitoring in hospitals or at home.

Being prepared Still today, “cot death” is an unforeseeable occurrence.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Reliable respiratory monitoringThe SISS BABYCONTROL Monitor monitors the breathing of infants and young children and can thus be a reliable tool against the “cot death”.

    The high reliability, ease of use and convenient size make the SISS BABY CONTROL Monitor an all-purpose Apnoea tool for infant monitoring in hospitals, at home or on the road.

    The regular breathing is indicated by means of a light-emitting diode; a possible alarm will be visually and additionally acoustically.

    Be prepared

    As before is the “cot death” an unpredictable cause of the year in Germany about 300 children die (source: Federal Statistical Office Germany).

    80% of affected infants are previously completely healthy. Only 20% comes from so-called risk groups (former premature infants or infants with life-threatening event or already erfolgtem “cot death” in the narrower Relatives).

    Only a timely alarm in case of irregularities is the possibility of taking lifesaving measures within the shortest time.

    Simple operation

    The SISS BABYCONTROL Apnoea monitor is the smallest of its kind. Its simple and logical settings make it a tool with easy operation. Attach the body sensor, press the on button and this start monitoring.

    Intelligent memory function

    SISS BABYCONTROL Apnoea stores events. The memory function is always active and records the events “on, off, reset, alarms of all kinds. These values ​​can be read on your PC.

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