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LX5 Non-Powered Laptop Cart

LX5 Non-Powered Laptop Cart

The LX5 Laptop Cart offers a lightweight, ergonomic design that lets you configure the cart to best meet your exact requirements.


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  • Description

    Product Description

    The LX5 Computer Cart

    Designed specifically to accommodate your choice of laptop computers, the LX5 Laptop Cart offers a lightweight, ergonomic design that lets you configure the cart to best meet your exact requirements. The LX Laptop Cart line is built upon a foundation that promotes dependability, reliability, and most of all – – confidence that your choice in this platform will ensure your computer cart program’s success.

    • The Capsa LX5 Mobile Computing Cart provides a non-powered cart platform to mobilize your chosen laptop brand, including popular models from Dell, HP, Panasonic, Lenovo, and others
    • Accommodates widescreen laptops featuring 17” LCD monitor
    • All models feature antimicrobial surfaces to support your infection control program
    • Small footprint and slim profile ensure simple maneuvering throughout the facility
    • Single-wheel casters promote smooth travel with each model including (2) locking and (1) tracking caster standard
    • Flexibility to configure workstations with storage drawers including 3” or 6” depth


    LX5 laptop cart

  • Hardware

    The Capsa LX15 laptop cart is capable of accommodating widescreen laptop featuring 17” LCD. The clamshell design encases the laptop for extra security.


  • Accessories

    Convenience Accessories & Options

    Streamlined nurse workflow is assured with a full complement of convenience accessories,
    organizing supplies and the data management process at the point-of-care.

    slide out mouse tray Slide Out Mouse Tray
    Slide out mouse trays are available
    on both sides of the keyboard tray.

    cup holder Cup Holder
    Cup holder stores cups used in the medication administration process.

    Storage Basket Storage Basket
    Multiple sized baskets can be
    mounted on back, sides, or front to provide convenient storage space.

    3 Inch Drawers 3 Inch Drawers
    Optional 3” locking storage
    drawers provides secure storage of medications and supplies.

    6 Inch Drawer 6 Inch Drawer
    An optional 6” locking storage
    drawer provides secure storage for
    larger items.

    Removable Bin Tray Removable Bin Tray
    It is easy to compartmentalize small items with these innovative drawer trays that can be sub-divided to meet your specific storage needs.

    Cart Height Adjustment Cart Height Adjustment
    Simple ergonomic height adjustment controls the height of work surface
    and monitor.

    Infection Control Peripherals Infection Control Peripherals
    Completely sealed and simple to
    use, this mouse and keyboard duo
    fully supports your infection control programs with ease.

    Individual VersaBin™ trays Individual VersaBin™ trays
    Offer sub-divided storage with lids and labels for 3″ drawers.

  • Storage

    storage drawers

    Storage Drawers

    The 4-tier configurable storage area on the LX15 is defined by you. Simply design the drawer set-up that meets your storage requirements, and if the need arises, you can reconfigure the set-up quickly and easily. The LX15 Laptop Cart offers you a choice of 3”, 6” or 9” storage drawers with either individual cam lock or keyless security systems. Depending on the hardware set-up, you can configure up to 12” of vertical drawer space as you see fit. The secure vented laptop storage tray can be located in any of the tier positions on column. Consult with your Capsa representative to custom-design the optimal storage of your LX15 Laptop Cart.

    Drawer Organization Trays

    Drawer Organization Trays

    The LX15 Workstation offers you a choice of modular divider systems to provide segregated storage for medications and supplies. Choose from the removable 3″ Drawer Tray available in 3-slot or 6-slot designs, or the individual VersaBin™ trays that offer sub-divided storage and lids.

    Divided VersaBin™ Trays

    Divided VersaBin™ Trays The VX35 Mobile Computing Workstation can be configured and optimized for optimal functionality for Hospitals, Long- Term Care Facilities / Nursing Homes and bedside computer cart needs.

  • Specs

    LX5 Standard Cart Specifications.

    Base Dimensions: 16″ x 17″
    Work Surface Area:
    19″ x 22″ with integrated forward-facing handles
    Work Surface Height:
    34.75″ – 49.25″
    Formed steel, aluminum, heavy-duty polymer work surface
    Durable powder coat
    2 locking, 1 tracking, 1 standard swivel

  • Brochure

    Capsa Laptop Brochure

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