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AHM Monitor Arms

AHM Monitor Arms

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  • Description

    Product Description

    main_ems_pmm_ahm Patient Monitor Mounts

    Our AHM (Adjustable Height) Monitor Arms feature 120° of height adjustability and 180° side to side motion so that you can easily adjust the position of your attached monitor. The Adjustable Height Monitor Arms can also be locked in any position to maintain the desired height adjustment. The AHM can be mounted directly to any equipment rail or wall channel. Integrated cable management allows you to tuck away cords so that they move with the AHM. Color options are also available for the AHM (white is standard).

  • Brochure

    adobe pdf

    adobe pdf

    adobe pdf

  • Features

    General Features
    – 180° side to side motion
    – Lock Arm in any position
    – Can be mounted directly to any equipment rail or wall channel
    – Handle for easy tilt adjustment
    – Integrated Cable Management
    – Parallel linkage provides consistent viewing angle at any position
    – Durable, aluminum body
    – Quick pin release for single hand monitor removal

  • Specs

    18″ – 34″ (45.7 cm – 86.4 cm) reach
    40 lbs (18.1 kg) arm rating
    30° tilt limit – on specific models
    17″ (43.2 cm) of height adjustment
    0 – 40 lb (0 – 18.1 kg) counterbalance adjustment range

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