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Apollo Blade

Apollo Blade

Integ’s unique, flexible approach enables us to configure solutions to specifically meet the needs of users. Now and in the future.


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  • Description

    Product Description







    Beautiful, simplistic & modular

    Blade offers the stability of a fixed monitor arm, combined with effortless vertical movement and a modular configuration. Blade responds to the increasing demand for flexibility and adjustment in multi-desking and activity based office situations.

    Geared towards optimum ergonomic conditions and health and safety standards, Blade enables users to effortlessly adjust their monitor without leaving their chair.


    Features & Benefits

    1) Fingertip screen movement

    Without the need for adjustable springs or gas mechanisms, Blade provides effortless fingertip movement of 170mm and 360 degrees of rotation for new generation monitors of between 2.5 – 6kg.

    2) Robust construction

    Constructed from extruded and powder coated aluminium, injection molded reinforced nylon and engineered internal components, Blade’s robustness is in a class of its own.

    3) Design award finalist

    As a finalist in the DiNZ Best Design Awards 2012, Blades design honesty allows users to clearly see how Blade works. Blade is beautiful in its simplicity and not excessive in any way meaning Blade will compliment rather than intrude your work space environment.

    4) Superior cable management

    Minimise the hassle and stress of cables that un-plug or restrict the free movement of the monitor with our unique bungy cord and cable paddle.

    5) Flexibility to adapt

    The Blade components can easily be adapted to meet the unique needs of any installation plus evolve and grow with an organisations changing technology needs.  There is no need to throw out components just because you need to move to a second or third screen.

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    Blade is ergonomically evaluated

    Blade has been independently ergonomically evaluated by one of New Zealand’s leading ergonomic consultants & by a leading US Ergonomist, Charissa Shaw. Please feel free to contact us for a copy of this report.

  • Brochure

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  • Flexibility

    Our modular design means you can build or amend your product as your needs, or technology requirements, change. With the factory supplied Allen key you can add and subtract limbs and arms, move your product or change from a 360 degree VESA to a quick release VESA with ease.


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