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Apollo1 – Discrete

Apollo1 – Discrete

Integ’s unique, flexible approach enables us to configure solutions to specifically meet the needs of users. Now and in the future.


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  • Description

    Product Description

    Our Apollo1 solution has to be one of the most discrete mounting solutions available. While discrete, the solution still benefits from all of the flexibility that is en-gained in Integ products.


    A range of applications

    A single slot Apollo1 can be attached to virtually any surface. A wall, a workstation screen, a roll stand and even factory machinery. This flexibility makes the Apollo1 suitable for a range of applications including:

    • Home office
    • TV’s at home
    • Retail applications
    • Office reception areas
    • Medical


    From the discrete 100mm solution for flat screen TV’s and LCD monitors to the 1200mm solution capable of handling a keyboard arm & multiple monitor arms the Apollo1 is great solution.

    Need more reach?

    As a modular solution, the number of limbs required in the arm can be added to increase the reach of the monitor. The arms fold back on top of each other ensure the unit can be easily stored out of the way when not in use.

    Options to consider:

    • 1 limb monitor arm with front loading wedge for your kitchen, home office or office TV. Great for retail spaces.
    • Multiple monitor arms, stacked one of top of the other for visual impact
    • 2 limb monitor arm and keyboard tray
    • Sit / stand solution with gas shuttle for office or work spaces with multiple users. A great solution in medical environments.
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