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Apollo2 – Wall / Screen

Apollo2 – Wall / Screen

Integ’s unique, flexible approach enables us to configure solutions to specifically meet the needs of users. Now and in the future.


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  • Description

    Product Description

    Tailored solution

    Our Apollo2 screen resolve is a thin double slot profile specifically designed to attach to almost any screen or wall configuration with a range of possible heights.  With a screen connection you quickly free up valuable desk real estate while providing users the freedom to move the unit to suit their work environment.

    Multiple arms

    This solution can mount up to four monitors and accessories. Users can easily add or subtract arms as their needs change. The wall mounted version is ideal for hot desks or touch-down scenarios.

    Our proprietary Integ It fittings provide a seamless connection to workstation screens and let users adjust the final location of the screen on-site. Alternatively, precision CNC drilled countersunk mounting holes allow a more permanent fixing option.

    Heavy duty capacity

    Able to handle an impressive 25kgs, the Apollo2 has the Integ modular flexibility, which allows for popular options such as dual screens, laptop trays and phone trays to easily be added pre and post installation.

  • Brochure

    Apollo2 Screen Overview
    Installation instructions for this product

  • Flexibility

    Our modular design means you can build or amend your product as your needs, or technology requirements, change. With the factory supplied Allen key you can add and subtract limbs and arms, move your product or change from a 360 degree VESA to a quick release VESA with ease.


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