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Apollo4 Power+

Apollo4 Power+

Integ’s unique, flexible approach enables us to configure solutions to specifically meet the needs of users. Now and in the future.


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  • Description

    Product Description

    Evolved from our award winning Apollo6 solution, the Integ Apollo4 Power+ is a fully integrated monitor arm capable of handling power, data, and USB in one unit. The Apollo4 Power+ was specifically developed with feedback from financial institutions, workstations manufacturers and architects.

    Modular in nature and capable of handling 1, 2 or 4 office monitors, the Apollo4 Power+ is the complete solution for enhancing office productivity, ergonomics and activity-based work.

    Apollo4 Power+ features include:

    • Ease to access cable management clips
    • Flexible nature to integrate new technology as your workspace changes
    • The ability to handle 1, 2 or 4 screens depending on your individual requirements
    • The option to house fully integrated power, data and USB points
    • Designed & made in New Zealand

    Integrating Power, Data, USB and arms

    Like the classic Apollo4, the Power+ features 4 slots. Each slot can be used to connect arms and accessories depending on the individual users requirements. This means the possibilities are endless – from large office monitors to laptop and docking stations.

    The unique extrusion pole has the ability to handle power, data points and active / non-active USB ports. No more climbing under the desk to find the power or extra USB points.

    Double Screens flexibility means increased productivity

    The ergonomic and productivity benefits of two screens are well documented. Whether this be a large office monitor and a laptop or two large screens once you use two screens you will not go back. The Apollo4 Power+ allows users to add, subtract and individually adjust the screens to suit their individual work environment.

    Simple effective cable management

    Our unique cable management clips are not only easy to access but can handle large 8mm cables. Installation is made easy and does not require additional screws or covers to be undone.

  • Brochure

    Apollo 4 Brochure

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