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Visi-Download extracts trend data from pulse oximeters, capnographs and sleep recorders to Windows for viewing, analysis and reports. Visi-Download’s simple interface provides a one-step automated download, analyse and print. It is the successor to Download 2001, with a range of new key features (see below).

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Key Features

    One software package, many oximeters and capnographs:

    ·         BCI Capnocheck SLEEP/ Oxi-Pulse 3304, SPECTRO2 10/20, SPECTRO2 30

    ·         Bitmos sat 805, sat816, 801, 801+, 901

    ·         GE/ Datex-Ohmeda 3700, 3740, 3800, 3900 and TruSat

    ·         Konica Minolta Pulsox -3i/-3iA, -300i

    ·         Masimo Rad-5, Rad-57, Radical, Radical-7, Radical-7 Touch, Rad-8, Rad-87, Rad-9

    ·         Mindray PM60

    ·         Radiometer TCM4, TCM40, TCM400, TCM TOSCA, TCM CombiM, TOSCA 500, TOSCA

    ·         Stowood Grey Flash, Black Shadow, Black Flash, Black Flash Plus

    ·         Coming soon:

    ·         Nonin 3150 WristOx2, 2500 Palmsat, 7500 Table Top

    ·         Creative PC-68B

    Visi-Download gets you away from simplistic manufacturer`s own offerings or limited report generating software.
    Full six language implementation, installation, programme, manual, help file and reports in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch.
    Presentation with high quality graphics:
    ·         View the signals any way you like (full control over scales, time axes, compression).
    ·         Create, save and apply your preferred methods of viewing.
    ·         Device events are marked on traces (e.g. low perfusion, artefact etc), and these or other periods may be automatically or manually by marking excluded from analysis.
    Full statistical analysis:
    Desaturations (dip), pulse rate (rise) and CO2 analyses are configurable, with graphics and data tables – including Delta Index and Rapid Resaturation analyses. Uses a published desaturation algorithm**.
    Event confirmation and Editing:
    Events (e.g. low perfusion, artefact etc) may be viewed and fully edited (start/ end, added, deleted) in any time axis.
    Multi operating systems :
    Microsoft Windows™ (XP/ Win-7)







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